Front & Back Labeling Machine

Front & Back Labeling Machine


Labeling products is important and have been an important aspect of a business. There are various reasons why labels are printed or posted on a product. They contain a lot of information such as product details, ingredients if it is a food item or cosmetic product. They also contain the date of manufacturing and date of expiry for many products. Having a label also helps in segregating the products based on the types and categories. Labels help in many things such as providing health information about a product which will help the customers to choose the products wisely and accordingly.


Front and back labeling machines are used for such purposes. Various companies and factories are looking forward to buy front and back labeling machines that will help in easing up the entire process. Though, you can choose to have manual labour that will do the work but, having a machine do that will save a lot of time and money. Having a machine doing the work will make sure that you get more time to cover more products and this way you will be able to have more products ready to be sent out in the market.


We at NAT Conveyors& Automations have been doing this for a long time. Our machines and equipment are sent to many businesses and are making it possible for them to increase the number of products being labelled and reduce the time for doing the work. We also have separate machines to label bottles that are used for beverages, cosmetics and whatnot. We are also known to be a reputed bottle labeling machine supplier in UAE and have been doing this for a long time.


What makes us different is the type of machines we manufacture and our way of dealing with our clients. We also have made it possible for them to place an order online which is an added advantage during such pandemic. We also make sure that our clients get enough assistance while delivering the machines and while assembling them in their required place. We also have been providing support and services to our clients after the machines have been delivered if they face any issue. This way we are gaining more and more clients.


With these many options and services to get from us, NAT Conveyors is building a loyal and long term relationship with its clients. We believe in providing the best products and services which will automatically fetch us more clients and will help us earn more profit.


Features of Front and Back Labeling Machine

  • Front and Back labeling machine is suitable for square or flat bottle with double or sigle side label
  • Enhanced design,increase torque design,high speed material transfer and labels feeding sysatem
  • Flexible belt design,labeling head with orientations adjustment so that many products can be adjusted quickly.
  • The pressure between the driving shaft and pressing roller can be adjusted,so that the working direction of the labels can be adjusted easly
  • Double-roller structure of labeling head is used to make sure that the label is pulled properly and avoid the label-broken issue.
  • The touch screen based in English with the online helping system makes it easy for operate the machine for the workers.
  • The pressing belt is geard into the main transporting line,so it makes the two transporting belts work in synchronous absolutely without any 


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